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Tip #5 to a Happier Home

You made it!!! ⁠

⁠I'm so proud of you and as I tell my kids "YOU should be proud of yourself!!"

The final design tip is here! If you missed what I'm talking about this week, I'm sharing 5 easy and FREE steps to improve your well-being just by changing up the space you live. Start here, tip #1, tip #2, tip #3, tip #4.


Change up your furniture placement, move your lamps from the middle of the table to the left or right, move décor from the top shelf to the bottom one or from the right to the left, put the black & white print pillow in front of the white fuzzy one. Have prints of the same size - rearrange their order.

You get my drift...right??? Simple without spending money yet makes a BIG impact. ⁠

Rearranging furniture took less than 15 minutes. Quick. Easy.⁠ Big difference.⁠ plus the best part - FREE

⁠⁠These simple changes breathe new life into your space, spark creativity, increase productivity, decrease stress and improve your mood & those that share it with you. Much like new hair or a new pair of shoes makes us feel reenergized and ready to take on the world.⁠

⁠⁠I grew up rearranging my bedroom and constantly redecorating + rearranging my dollhouse. You could say this has always been in my blood. Or is it the reason I'm a happy person...maybe. ⁠

Now go conquer those rooms like the boss you are!!⁠


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