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Tip #1 to a Happier Home

It's important to love where you live. Whether you own a house or rent a room, it's a big part of who you are, your mood, your well-being.⁠


Each day this week I'm sharing 5 free design tips you can do right now for a happier home & happier you! ⁠⁠

*** to avoid overwhelm, pick one room or even one area of a room to start with.⁠***


This part is the most important step so do NOT skip!! ⁠

⁠⁠Remove half (or 1/4 if half gives you hives) of every knick knack, book, vase, plant, toy, blanket, magazine etc. that is visable.⁠

⁠Less clutter = more white space. More white space reduces mental chaos and frees up your mind. Trust me, for your home to be a solace you need to eliminate extra visual noise. ⁠There is a whole psychology behind it.

⁠Put everything you take away in a box for your storage closet, garage or even the trunk of your car. Save everything for a while, if you find you can live without them then sell or donate. Don't panic, you can still use this stuff later if needed.⁠

Looking below, can you see how much of a difference removing the clutter makes? I walk by this counter all day long, seeing it less cluttered makes me feel good.

⁠If you've already decluttered what you can see, for extra credit, you can try drawers, a closet, or a cabinet.

You got this! ⁠Tell me your plan, I'd love to hear it.⁠

⁠⁠Stay tuned. TIP 2 coming tomorrow.⁠


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