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Tip #4 to a Happier Home

It's Tip 4 time...⁠⁠ ⁠ (In case you missed what's going on, this week, I'm sharing 5 easy and FREE steps to improve your well-being just by changing up the space you live, start here, tip #1, tip#2, tip #3.)⁠ ⁠ TIP 4 - CHANGE UP ACCESSORIES

Much like how wearing a different necklace or shoes changes the look/feel of an outfit, changing up pillow and vases does the same thing for a room.

You don't have to run to Target and buy anything new, USE WHAT YOU HAVE! I mean you just got rid of a bunch of stuff so don't go crazy and add clutter. For example, the throw pillow on your bed, switch it with one on your couch. The throw blanket on your sofa, put it on your guest bed. You get the idea.⁠

Change out the photos in your frames with a current photo of your kid, vacation or printable art from stelie + co. Or hang a picture that you have sitting in storage. ⁠

Those vases or plants in your living room, move them over a foot or move them to the bedroom or kitchen.⁠

It's amazing how moving something we already have to a new space is refreshing, uplifting, & creativity sparking. Plus, you notice and appreciate each item & space differently. ⁠

There is no right or wrong way, just have fun!


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