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I'm Stephanie, an interior designer + graphic designer with decades of experience in both. I love designing & creating affordable spaces that function for you and bring joy to your soul.  I also love helping small businesses bring their creative passions to fruition.

Designing is my passion, whether it's a room, a whole house, a piece of furniture, cabinetry, a logo, mural, a furniture plan or art, I find it all so unique and fulfilling. 

Growing up, I spent a lot of time sketching. I drew formal wedding gowns and house plans.  I built a dollhouse or 2 with my dad, and would constantly redecorate, relocate rooms, used power tools & sewed pillows/curtains/bedding for it. I get my DIY from my parents, they built my childhood home, helped me renovate all my own homes since 2001. Once kids came into the mix, renovations slowed. If you have been around a while you know how long projects last these days.

As a kid my plan was always to design & build homes from my home office. I drew tons of house plans to scale by hand. (My mom even framed a couple & they are hanging up at their house.) I started college for architecture, quickly realized that program wasn't for me. One college spring break with my parents, while walking a beach in Antigua, I realized I could still do design without being an architect. A real ah ha moment! 


My professional design career started with an architecture firm designing retail spaces for a wide variety of clients, I also designed restaurants, food courts, & coffee shops all over the world. Next was Marshall Field's store planning & design (this was my favorite & most stressful, ultra-fast paced job. I loved it immensely!!) Once it was sold to Macy's, I moved to Target stores focused on specialty businesses (optical, photo studio, creation of target clinic, pharmacy & garden centers) from there I moved on my own to do retail design consulting & wedding stationery.  

I believe in women's rights, equality for all regardless of race, sex or religion & love lgbtqia+.

"whatever you do....FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS…even if they've changed over the years!" - stephanie


‍I'm a mom to 4 teenagers. 2 sets of twins! Contrary to what everyone says, I actually LOVE having teens. Do I stay up way too late with them. 100% Yes.


My husband, Jeremy & I married in 2002. He manages a high-end custom cabinet shop, where he builds & installs too. When will he agree to flip houses with me? 

We have 2 cats, Yin & George, we rescued in 2021 after an 11year furry pet absence.

Coffee, the ocean, fall, walking on a beach, the sound of waves rolling in, dancing in my kitchen, Schitt's Creek, looking at real estate online, kind humans, action movies.

You can usually find me wearing pj's, with my hair up in a messy bun, no makeup on in my kitchen counter office on my laptop while making food, conversing with a kid or 2 or 4 or watching an episode of some tv show. Life can be loud + crazy here, but I’m always excited to invest my time + energy into every client, design and product.


At home, I often start dancing to the music that randomly pops in my head, with a lot of eye rolls and "mom, stop. I didn't come here for this."

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