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How to get rid of the blahs

Last week, and for a while before that, I was feeling off. Unmotivated to do projects, low energy and really just blah for lack of a better word! Anyone else feeling this way?

Exercise, nap, rest, smoothie, coffee nor anything else helped. Friday, I forced myself to do a project even though I just didn't have the energy for it. I chose to tackle the chaos of my mudroom/pantry. I'm either in it or walking by it all day long.

(Backstory: it was a walk in pantry when we moved in. Its by the back door & only 6' from the kitchen. There is a small coat closet in the laundry room across from the pantry but as a family of 6 with 4 kids in school who live in MN, a mudroom is necessary. We ripped out the wire shelving, fluorescent light, took off the door, widened the doorway, patched & painted the walls. Jer built & installed the cabinetry I designed.)

Now back to tackling the mudroom chaos...It's mid May after all, I think it's safe to finally put away the winter coats, hats, gloves & boots. Do you still have your winter stuff out or did you put them away?

In case pics don't show the chaos that I embarrassed to say I stepped in all day long for months, I made a video too.

Not only did I match up all the gloves, get rid of the ones that are too small, full of holes or missing its counterpart, I also went thru the kids shoes, found a couple that were too small and put in the donation pile.

I did keep the backpacks even though my kids have not attended in person school since March 13, 2020. They tend to fill them when we road trip to my parents, something we do during the summer.

I then put all the shoes in their place, hung backpacks & hats nicely & wiped down every surface.

I didn't reorganize what's behind the closed doors as I do this when I put groceries away, or 9 times out of 10, my husband puts the groceries away and I go back and reorganize it.

Not only does it LOOK so much better, if FEELS so much better. When I walk in there it gives off a calm, relaxed vibe which I subconsciously internalize. Not the cluttered chaotic vibe it had going before. I FEEL so much better everytime I walk in or by it which is probably 100xs a day.

If you've been around a while, then you know I give my 5 free steps to improve your life & home a couple times a year on instagram. Apparently, with the weight of the world, I forgot to take my own advice. So please, take it from me, don't wait!!

Go organize or tidy up a space now! Go! I said GO! Lacking time, organize & tidy up the most used drawer or cabinet, it will make a HUGE impact on your soul. Please comment below what you are going to tackle?

I'm in the process of doing my laundry room, however, it's slow since laundry is never ending.




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