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Life Update

Let's see...what's been happening behind the scenes?

I recently got a much needed haircut & color. In this pic, I had to document that I curled my hair, put on full eye makeup, & wore street clothes just to get stuck by the side of the highway with a flat tire, missing our appt. Paxton was with & learned how to change a tire quickly, while I was on the phone with roadside assistance in case we had issues. We didn't.

I've been working on my website. As a true DIYer, I redesigned my entire website by myself. Let me tell you, it's time consuming, frustrating, but also rewarding. I added branding design packages and am currently figuring out the interior design packages I'll be offering. STAY TUNED. However, if you are in need of interiors help, please don't hesitate to ask, either use the contact form or email or dm me on instagram to discuss

The summer just flew by, it started with 4 of us getting over the dreaded c word, and ended with the last 2 getting it. I had a whole list of activities, but we only did one of them.

I officially have 2 high school seniors & I'm unwell. The saying "The days are long but the years are short" is SO true. My kids are growing into such amazing people, but if I could, I would turn back time, not to change anything but just to savor the time a little longer. I have been tearing up about my kids leaving home/graduating high school for years. Now it's here, it's tough. Speaking of

Paxton & I have been touring colleges, we toured the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities but we both knew that wasn't the right place for him. He was looking at touring a college in Seattle this fall, but a couple weeks ago, we drove 3 hours to tour Iowa State University. They have an excellent software engineering program. It was an all-day tour, starting at 9am, so we decided to go a day early, spend the night, drive around the town and campus to get a feel for what it was like. Surprisingly, the town seemed a bit more progressive & diverse than I imagined for Iowa, so that was good. Plus, the campus is beautiful. But, did I mention, it's 3 hours away!!!!!! Let's just say no matter how much my intuition has been telling me he's going to go to Iowa State for weeks, it didn't prep me for the moment he yelled "MOM, THIS IS IT!" "I'm meant to go to school here" "It feels like home" I burst into tears. Partly because I'm thrilled he found his place, but mostly sad because he's leaving home next year and our family will never be the same again. Look I'm crying as I'm typing this so let's move on.

Avery isn't fully decided, but most likely will do 2 years at a community college while living at home before deciding on a university. She has time. Both my seniors are currently taking classes at a local community college, they double as high school and college credit. Of course, their classes do not coincide, Avery doesn't drive so that means I'm doing a lot of driving her to & from school again.

Easton & Adler started 8th grade this week, still online but this year seems more organized than last year. I have high hopes but ask me in a couple weeks.

The cats are living their best lives and are very spoiled.

Jer & I are slowly working on the never-ending list of home projects.

Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear how you are doing?


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