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A little more about me

Hey! It's me. It has been a bit, thought I'd (re)introduce myself.

👋🏻 I'm Stephanie, an interior designer by trade + self-taught graphic designer, with decades of experience in both. I love designing & creating affordable spaces that function for you and bring joy to your soul. I also love helping small businesses bring their creative passions to fruition.

🙋🏼‍♀️I'm a mom to 4. Paxton 17, Avery 17, Easton 13, Adler 13. Yes!! 2 sets of twins! Thank you, science. My IVF babies are actually quads born 4 years apart. 🤯Can you believe my 13 yo's were stored in a freezer for 4 years? While the darkest period in my life, I thank infertility for making me a better, more present parent.

🎉 Contrary to what everyone says, I actually LOVE having teens. Which surprises me since I was always a baby person. Do I stay up way too late because that is when they do the most talking. 100% Yes.

❤️ My awesome husband, Jeremy & I have been married for 19.5 yrs & together for 20.5 yrs. He manages a high-end custom cabinet shop, where he builds & installs too.

🐈‍⬛🐈 We have 2 cats, Yin & George, whom we rescued last year after an 11 year furry pet absence. In between, my kids had pet toads, turtles, a grasshopper they found outside & fish they purchased/rescued. Only the fish were allowed inside the house. 🤣

🏘 one of my favorite things to do is look at real estate online and redesign the homes as I scroll through their pictures.

✏️ Designing is my passion, whether it's a room, a whole house, a piece of furniture, cabinetry, a logo, branding colors, a mural, a furniture plan or art, I find it all so unique and fulfilling.

🙌🏻 If you know me IRL or have been around awhile then this isn't new news. I believe in women's rights, equality for all regardless of race, sex or religion and love lgbtqia+.

🧱 My professional design career started with an architecture firm designing retail spaces for a wide variety of clients, I also designed restaurants, food courts, & coffee shops all over the world. Next was Marshall Field's store planning & design (this was my favorite & most stressful, ultra-fast paced job. I loved it immensely!!) Once it was sold to Macy's, I moved to Target stores focused on specialty businesses (optical, photo studio, creation of target clinic, pharmacy & garden centers) from there I moved on my own thing.

🏝 As a child my plan was always to design & build homes from my home office. In high school, I drew tons of house plans to scale by hand. I started college for architecture, quickly realized that program wasn't for me. One college spring break with my parents, while walking a beach in Antigua, I realized I could still do design without being an architect.

👩🏼‍🍳 I hate cooking/baking but 99% of our meals are made from scratch by me. Between the 6 of us we have so many food allergies & sensitivities. We eat mainly organic & gluten/dairy/egg/nut free. Believe me you don't want to see our grocery bills.

💃🏼You can often find me dancing to the music that randomly pops in my head, with a lot of eye rolls and "mom, stop. I didn't come here for this." 🛠 Every square inch of our last 3 homes was renovated. We are working our way through our 4th. Every space has seen paint except 4 closets, we still have a long list of 95% completed projects here much to my husband's dismay.

Now I'd love to hear more about you!


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