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When to walk away

It's never too late to walk away from something (or someone) that is no longer working for you. ⁠

14 years ago, I walked away from my corporate design career to quit a toxic work environment to work for myself & to spend more time with my kids. I only had 2 - two year old's then. (I added another set of twins 2 years later.) I continued my interior design career with retail store design consulting, and then dove into my drawing passion with invitations/stationery on the side. ⁠

I quickly realized the demand for modern invitations/stationery + it worked better in my schedule of working during naps, nights and weekends. Also, a huge bonus was being able to work with people all over the world without leaving my home office. ⁠

Fast forward 10 years and it was time for another pivot. My passion for stationery wasn't there anymore. It was hard to change something I had put my heart and soul in to making a successful business, but one thing that has never led me wrong is following my intuition. I hate to admit, but it took a couple years of the gnawing feeling that I needed to let go of stationery before I actually listened to my intuition. Better late than never right?!!

For the last 4 years, my business has continued to be digital art prints, business naming, logo design, other branding needs, with the added in mural design, mural painting, diy and design consulting.

The best part about being my own boss is that I can walk away when I decide. Since the pandemic, I along with everyone else have had to pivot. I've had to reduce the number of projects I can take since I am still the online school helper & full-time math teacher for my 7th graders.

Walking away isn't always easy, often very scary and full of ups and downs but I have found it worth it. Worth getting to a better more authentic place.

Have you had to walk away from work or people? I'd love to hear your thoughts & experience.


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