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affordable interior design, art prints, diy

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Inspire your space with a custom mural. Whether it's one of our designs for you to paint yourself or one of our designs we paint for you, it will be a unique piece you'll enjoy for a long time.

Good design, doesn't have to cost a fortune. We offer affordable art you can download + print yourself.  Your walls deserve to be inspired.


Each original drawing or photograph tells a story. What joy do you want your walls to say?

Your logo tells the story who you are as a company and brand. Are you are telling your customers the right story? Whether you need to re-brand or have a completely new idea, we are here to help you.

interior designer and graphic designer


You can call me Steph if you want. I'm the creater behind the stelie+co design studio. I'm an interior designer, graphic designer, DIY-er + so much more. There are always hundreds of designs/ideas swirling around in my head, dying to get down on paper.

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