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Teen Bedroom Refresh

My 16 year old son, Paxton's bedroom has seen the most changes in the 3.5 years we've lived in our current home. It's been painted 3 different times (he likes change like his mom) + new trim + new floors + recent updates to make it more young adult. ⁠

Here is his room during inspection. (oh my gosh he looks so young, he was 12)

We painted the kids room after we closed but before we moved in. Paxton picked out his paint colors. Dark grey (summer storm by Behr) for his accent wall and a medium grey (anonymous by Behr) for the rest of the walls.

A year later he thought his room was too dark, so we painted a light cool grey (silver screen by Behr) over the medium grey. In operation update trim, Jer painted all the doors, made & installed more modern trim that I painted it ultra pure white by behr.

Fast forward to this past fall and he asked for white walls (okay, in his defense he asked for white walls when he wanted it lighter in 2018 but frankly, I didn't want to do 20 coats to cover the medium grey. Ha!)

I strongly feel it's important for rooms to grow with kids, for them to love and feel comfortable in their bedrooms. A couple months ago, Paxton was not loving his room, he felt it still didn't feel old enough or enough like him. He wanted it to feel more college dorm/young adult like his twin sisters. I said, the reason her's feels that way is because she let me do what I wanted. So he, finally let me take over finishing his room.

It's a lot like working with a client. I told him the #1 way to help his room feel better was to rearrange it. Bed as the focal point, desk on the side wall vs in front of the window. ⁠Update his art. I asked for his thoughts once I rearranged everything and suggested some ideas. Which he agreed.

It was his idea to add shelves over his desk, I just put them together for a more clean modern look. I still have to takephotos for him to choose from and then have new art printed for above the shelves. I gave him a couple choices on sheets, comforter and then said, I ordered this lamp (all from Target) he wants to get back into reading before bed again.

Last October, we installed new Stuga Studio wood floors to help with allergies. Jer added a custom built cabinet to this strange niche and I painted it bright white to blend with the walls. We didn't want to do any major construction to make it part of the existing closet.

We also did new art from IKEA, LED lights from Amazon, diy art + diy wood headboard and slip covered an old IKEA chair. ⁠

He's a game developer, rearranging his room allows his desk to be better suited for his growing business and also feels like a comfortable teen/young adult's room, that I too am happy with.

Maybe someday, we'll get to finishing our bedroom for the first time.


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