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Branding Design Package - MAX

Branding Design Package - MAX

Excluding Sales Tax

Starting a business is stressful, let me help you alleviate some of it for you!


This package is for someone with a new business idea, or an existing business but in need of a major overhaul. 


With this package, I will brainstorm a list of potential business names & tagline ideas, develop your branding colors and create a custom logo, custom icon, custom alternate logo, design a business card & one flat insert

+ 12 business name options

+ 12 tagline options

+ 12 branding colorways
+ One round of revisions (each additional revision is $100)


+ 6 custom logo design options

+ 6 custom icon design options

+ 2 rounds of revisions (each additional revision is $175)


+ 6 custom icon design options

+ 6 custom alternate logo design options

+ 2 rounds of revisions (each additional revision is $100)


+ 2 custom business card design options & 1 round of revisions

+ printable pdf of business card 

+ 2 custom insert design options (ie, thank you, care instructions, coupon, etc)  & 1 round of revisions.

+ printable pdf  of insert


This service is a brainstorming & design service and does not involve any kind of legalities, such as, registering, trademarking or transferring of naming rights.

+ Purchase this listing
+ Download the worksheets
+ Send completed questions to
+ Brainstorming ideas will be sent to you within 2 weeks of receiving completed information.  Revisions will be sent within 3-5 business days if needed

+ Logo Design initial options will take 2-3 weeks once name, tagline & colors are finalized, revisions will be send within 3-5 business days.

+ Business card & insert design options will take 1 week once all logo design pieces are finalized. 

Payment due in full before brainstorming can be done. Refunds will only be provided prior to you sending completed questions. 

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